Friday, March 20, 2015

What's Today?!

The First Day of Spring 2015!!! Even though its cold outside here, I'm excited anyway.

  Well, I'm gonna give a little explanation of why I haven't blogged all month so far. I was under the weather and I didn't even think about it. The rest of the month, I haven't felt like doing much of anything. It's pathetic, I know. I had a few posts planned, but I got stuck in I-don't-wanna-do-anything mode.
  I know I need to get up and do it anyway when I feel like that. I'm thankful that I'm not the only one and everyone goes through times like these. I hate being this way, but it's still not enough to motivate me.
  Anyway, I'm so thankful that God is patient, and truly there. I always feel afraid that if I do anything wrong somehow I'm gonna lose His love. I'm SO glad that that's totally not true. I guess growing up with fickle friends who ignore you the second you wanna do something they don't wanna do gets to you more that you know. I'm always fascinated by what's happened to us in our childhood forms our habits even now as an adult. I'm don't know where I'm going with all this.
  I hope you all have something that you're excited about and someone to tell it to. Enjoy the First Day of Spring even though it may be cold where you are. I hope you all have a great week.


Monday, February 16, 2015


  Hello Everyone!

  I wanted to share 2 photos from every month of 2014. Unfortunately, Jan. Feb. and Mar. I didn't have any pictures. It's crazy to think, not taking any pictures at all for 3 months. There also are not any pictures from December, that's only because they are not on my laptop and on the computer. I only blog on my laptop. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the random pictures from the other months.


Babysitting Nora. Cutie!

A sweetheart of a cat


Pretty sure these are poppies. They were growing
in the vacant lot next door.

A lizard at the Botanical Garden. I love that place.


Going to Silver Dollar City

The best picture I got in Marvel Cave in Silver Dollar City.


Fun photos in summer.

Chloe, napping under the my bed.


A squirrel, (If you couldn't tell). Yes, this is the only pic for Aug.


Mom couldn't have picked out a better cookie for me. 

Thought I'd give a little memorial to the bunk bed, Creaks. You served
your purpose. Thank you. You will never be missed.


On our way to Branson again.

There was also a beautiful sunset on the way there.


Our amazing sister Randi.

Mom and Dad's cake for their 25th Wedding Anniversary.

  I kinda kick myself for not taking more pictures last year. Maybe next year, when I do a 2015 photo recap, I'll have more pics to choose from. Be back next week for another blog post. Talk to you guys then. Bye!


Monday, February 9, 2015

2015 As a Blogger

  Hello Everyone!

  Back in March, I decided I wanted to blog more. And I definitely did more last year than the year before. Even since march I still have not found anything specific that I really wanna talk about on the blog or interests I wanna share about. I believe I shared about a few of my interests, but mostly what I'm capable of. Not what I really enjoy doing. This year I want to share my interests with you even though some of my readers may not be interested in or like.
  I really do wanna be more consistent this year. I hope you will bear with me as I expand and organize my topics. There are gonna be times when I'm too busy, and times when I'm just plain unmotivated. I don't want those things to stop me anymore.
  I know this is a very short update but I plan on doing another blog post next week, Feb. 16th. Maybe sooner, ya never know. This update was supposed to be posted in back in January but obviously that didn't happen. Hope you all have a great week!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October 2014

  Hello Everyone!

  Well, its the first week of November. So today I wanna talk a little bit about October.
  It mostly consisted of planning and going on vacation to Branson, babysitting multiple times, and secretly planning something really special with my Aunt Jean. Of course, there are no pictures of babysitting and probably never will be just to let you know.
  Before I go into any of that, I think on these monthly life updates I will post a monthly picture of Chloe. Can't help it. She's so cute!

Snoozing under my bed.

  From the 19th to the 23rd we were in Branson. Reason being we were celebrating Mom and Dad's 25th wedding anniversary, we had season passes to Silver Dollar City, and that is where they went for their honeymoon. Their anniversary was on the 21st so that night they got fancied up, went out for a nice dinner, and saw a show.
  We didn't stay in a hotel this time, instead we rented a condo. So we had two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. In the bedroom Rebecca and I shared was a Nintendo 64! I was super excited about that. I hadn't played on one since I was 12 or 13 years old. So many fun memories. *sigh*
  Of course, we went to Silver Dollar City. When we went this time there were a lot of booths with cool things to look at and buy. I mostly looked. We went to a thrift shop, a couple boutique shops, and a couple antique shops. Bought some movies from the thrift shop, a micro-plush blanket (which I love!), some more movies and a book from the antique shops. The book we got was The Great Movie Stars the Golden Years by David Shipman. If you're the kind of person who likes to read movie star biographies from that era, this book gives a brief story/timeline about around 100 actors and actresses.
  The trip was fun although I didn't get to do or see all the things I hoped to. Oh well! Maybe next time if there is a next time.

Rebecca and me at Silver Dollar City

  So, the special, secret "thing" we (Aunt Jean, Rebecca, and I) planned all last month finally took place on November 1st. Now I would have mentioned this "thing" beforehand on here, but Dad reads my blogposts.

  We threw a surprise party for Mom and Dad! A lot of people showed up and we all had a great time! It was all well worth the time and effort that went into it!

We gave a picture of their wedding cake and the decorater
tried to make a replica of it. And she did a wonderful job!

  I know there aren't a lot of pictures, but Rebecca will probably do a more detailed blogpost. So I will leave that to her. Also the pictures didn't turn out as well as I had hoped.

This is my oldest sister Randi! Love you and so glad you were able to make it!

Happy 25th Anniversary! I hope your party blessed you. We love you!
  Well, that is all I have for today. I hope you all have a great week!


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10 Embarrassing Things

  Hi Everyone!

  I realized that there are several things that I have done that are a little embarrassing that most everybody has experienced. So I wanted to share with you 10 Little Embarrassing Things That Happen to Everyone. Here we go

1. Dropping your purse at the doctor's office while trying to talk to the receptionist and your things scatter everywhere. Ya know, it wouldn't be so bad if you could just leave it all on the floor, but I think its proper etiquette to pick it all up for some character steals them.

2. Knocking your drink off the table at a restaurant. Just seeing that water and ice sitting there in that special splash pattern on the floor, wondering if you should clean it up or wait for an employee to mop it up.

3. Forgetting somebody's name. No need to describe how that feels.

4. Tripping over a rug in public and wondering if anybody and everybody saw you.

5. Food falling on your shirt when you're eating with a group of people.

6. Accidentally stopping the movie during family movie night and everyone's yelling at you to turn it back on and you can't find the remote.

7. Dropping things from your too-full arms at a garage sale. (Sounds like somebody needs to put some stuff back).

8. Missing an easy shot during a volleyball game.

9. Having to listen to your friends battle it out/argue and being absolutely clueless as what to say to make them stop.

10. Trying to stuff your foot in a shoe and realizing its not working, so you look down to see why revealing that you are trying to put the shoe on the wrong foot.

  I don't know if any of you can relate, but this is what I came up with. I hope you all have a great week!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Summer is Practically Over


   Well, its been quite a while since I posted last. Every week I was kinda just putting it off. I'm sorry. July and August were just stressful and getting things back to normal. I feel bad for not blogging, but taking a break was needed.

   We've had a few couple birthdays, some transition time from something, trying to make some improvements on the house, decluttering. During the past month, I really just haven't felt like blogging about anything.

   We went to camp as we usually do for Labor Day. Got to see our "camp" friends. We basically hung out with two families. But I got out of my comfort zone and did something by myself, (instead of following someone else), and even introduced myself to someone and had a nice talk with her. As much as I was really glad to go home, I look back and wish that it was a whole week instead of a weekend.

   Well, with summer being over. I guess I should tell you how my list-of-things-to-do-this-summer went.

1. Get my permit and driver's license. I have not gotten either of them. I've definitely studied for my permit though. I'm hoping to get it sometime next week.

2. Complete 2 sewing projects. Well, I made a skirt for somebody, and altered two other skirts for her too.

3. Complete 2 crocheting projects. I didn't get any done. I don't have enough of the same yarn to complete a project and I don't want to spend all my money on yarn.

4. Read 2-3 books. I read 2 books. One of them being my driver's study guide. I kinda surprised myself on that one.

5. Get outside as often as possible. I feel a little disappointed about this one. There were opportunities where I could have, but didn't. On the other hand, I didn't shut myself up like a mole and got out a reasonable amount of times.

6. Try something new. Well, I didn't really try anything during the summer, but this coming Sunday, I'm going to start classes for public speaking. I'm actually really nervous about it. Public speaking and performing are one of my biggest fears. The person who invited me is pretty much the same way and she recommended it. I would not have even considered it if she was a teacher or if public speaking didn't bother her. So, yeah. That's the new thing I'm gonna be doing.

7. Learn healthier cooking recipes. I have probably gotten some new recipes, but that doesn't mean I have tried them. One thing that I really don't like about healthier recipes is, there are usually so many ingredients that you have to buy and just the prep takes longer than it needs to. Also, it would be easier if I were just cooking for myself, but I would have to make it for the whole family. I should probably just do it anyway.

8. Get white lights to decorate my room with. Just gonna tell it like it is. I didn't get any.

9. Exercise regularly. This challenge hasn't gone too bad. Exercising isn't like walking around the block or walking on the treadmill. I can do in my room, by myself, with no one watching.

10. Walk everyday. Not saying I didn't walk at all. I did! But well.. um... ya know... um... I... didn't... really... um... I could've done better...uh... please don't judge me... well... you can... I mean, its your life, you do whatever you want, but uh... yeah. 

11. Make a new friend. Well, she's been an acquaintance for quite a while, but this past summer we've gotten to be pretty good friends. I am truly blessed by her. Its hard to find someone who is willing to hang out with someone like me. I mean, I'm shy. I'm sure a lot of people find it difficult to get to know me. I don't have a picture of her on my laptop yet so its gonna have to wait.

12. Find some new interest(s). There is a really big interest that I have, but don't really wanna talk about it just yet. And the other one is not really an interest, but a hobby. I really like rollerblading. I know, big deal. But I really like it!

   Well, there's the list of things I actually got accomplished and the things I didn't. In the beginning, I didn't expect to get half of them done. Thank you, Kate and Ruby for supporting me with your comments. I definitely wanna get back to blogging once a week. Anyway, I will be back next week with another blog post! Have a great week!


P.S. I just realized that my first four paragraphs and my last one all begin with the letter "W". Oh well!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Silver Dollar City

  Hello Everyone!

  So, we went to Branson. And Silver Dollar City. And there were shops and rides and people and more shops and more rides and more people. Like I said when we got back, I feel like I didn't do all that much there. But we might go back in the fall. I hope so. There was a lot more in Silver Dollar City and Branson that I would have liked to do but we just didn't. Its also expensive so that cuts out some things. Next time I will go more prepared. 
  Anyway, here are a few pictures of it:

Rebecca and Dad got to go to the Titanic Museum.

On our way to Silver Dollar City

My only decent picture of Marvel Cave

   I did have a lot of fun. Got to go on a couple water rides. That was the most fun. We went shopping. There was one that I especially liked. I thought I got some pictures of it but I guess I didn't. I can't believe I didn't take many pictures. Oh well. Now I know what I need to plan for next time we go!

  I'll be back next week for another blogpost! Bye!