Monday, February 16, 2015


  Hello Everyone!

  I wanted to share 2 photos from every month of 2014. Unfortunately, Jan. Feb. and Mar. I didn't have any pictures. It's crazy to think, not taking any pictures at all for 3 months. There also are not any pictures from December, that's only because they are not on my laptop and on the computer. I only blog on my laptop. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the random pictures from the other months.


Babysitting Nora. Cutie!

A sweetheart of a cat


Pretty sure these are poppies. They were growing
in the vacant lot next door.

A lizard at the Botanical Garden. I love that place.


Going to Silver Dollar City

The best picture I got in Marvel Cave in Silver Dollar City.


Fun photos in summer.

Chloe, napping under the my bed.


A squirrel, (If you couldn't tell). Yes, this is the only pic for Aug.


Mom couldn't have picked out a better cookie for me. 

Thought I'd give a little memorial to the bunk bed, Creaks. You served
your purpose. Thank you. You will never be missed.


On our way to Branson again.

There was also a beautiful sunset on the way there.


Our amazing sister Randi.

Mom and Dad's cake for their 25th Wedding Anniversary.

  I kinda kick myself for not taking more pictures last year. Maybe next year, when I do a 2015 photo recap, I'll have more pics to choose from. Be back next week for another blog post. Talk to you guys then. Bye!


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