Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10 Embarrassing Things

  Hi Everyone!

  I realized that there are several things that I have done that are a little embarrassing that most everybody has experienced. So I wanted to share with you 10 Little Embarrassing Things That Happen to Everyone. Here we go

1. Dropping your purse at the doctor's office while trying to talk to the receptionist and your things scatter everywhere. Ya know, it wouldn't be so bad if you could just leave it all on the floor, but I think its proper etiquette to pick it all up for some character steals them.

2. Knocking your drink off the table at a restaurant. Just seeing that water and ice sitting there in that special splash pattern on the floor, wondering if you should clean it up or wait for an employee to mop it up.

3. Forgetting somebody's name. No need to describe how that feels.

4. Tripping over a rug in public and wondering if anybody and everybody saw you.

5. Food falling on your shirt when you're eating with a group of people.

6. Accidentally stopping the movie during family movie night and everyone's yelling at you to turn it back on and you can't find the remote.

7. Dropping things from your too-full arms at a garage sale. (Sounds like somebody needs to put some stuff back).

8. Missing an easy shot during a volleyball game.

9. Having to listen to your friends battle it out/argue and being absolutely clueless as what to say to make them stop.

10. Trying to stuff your foot in a shoe and realizing its not working, so you look down to see why revealing that you are trying to put the shoe on the wrong foot.

  I don't know if any of you can relate, but this is what I came up with. I hope you all have a great week!



  1. I have probably done all of those things.

  2. Hi Annah! I love this post - it made me smile so much! I also love that you're able to see the funny side too - it's a real gift to have the humility to be able to laugh at yourself when things go wrong. I'm sure I've done all these things too! One of the most embarrassing things that's ever happened to me was when our daughter Roxy was a baby. Well one day I was taking Roxy to the baby clinic to be weighed. I was a new mum, very young and very, very tired! I was so pleased with myself getting organised and taking the baby out all by myself. It wasn't until I got to the clinic, that I realised I still had my pink fluffy bedroom slippers on! Worse still I had to walk home in them too! More recently another embarrassing thing that happened was when I was in a shop queuing to pay for my purchases, and my hubby who was standing with me noticed that one of our pet birds had left a lovely "present" all down my back! He (the bird, not hubby!) had been sitting on my shoulder before we went out and I didn't notice! Now you have really inspired me. Would you mind if I shared your post on my blog, and did the same thing? I will understand if you would prefer not! Congratulations on getting so much of your summer to-do list done. I definitely think you achieved quite a lot. And I agree about healthier cooking having lots of ingredients. All that chopping, grating and peeling always puts me off too, and some of them are definitely not so economical. Plus my hubby is not really so keen on it so I feel like it seems like a lot of work, if he is not going to enjoy it. To be truthful I think it's better to eat a little of what you really like than lots of things you don't, just because they are suppose to be healthy. It is my dream to one day travel to America and if we do one of the first places I hope to visit is a Cracker Barrel restaurant - now the menus there look SO yummy! I do lots of their copycat recipes, we adore the cola cake and the hashbrown casserole! Love, Ruby in England xx

    1. Hi Ruby!

      I love your stories! Very entertaining! Thank you for your support for the to-do list I had. I love Cracker Barrel. Good choice.

      You are welcome to share this post. Let me know when you publish your post, I would love to read it!

      Love, Annah


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