Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Silver Dollar City

  Hello Everyone!

  So, we went to Branson. And Silver Dollar City. And there were shops and rides and people and more shops and more rides and more people. Like I said when we got back, I feel like I didn't do all that much there. But we might go back in the fall. I hope so. There was a lot more in Silver Dollar City and Branson that I would have liked to do but we just didn't. Its also expensive so that cuts out some things. Next time I will go more prepared. 
  Anyway, here are a few pictures of it:

Rebecca and Dad got to go to the Titanic Museum.

On our way to Silver Dollar City

My only decent picture of Marvel Cave

   I did have a lot of fun. Got to go on a couple water rides. That was the most fun. We went shopping. There was one that I especially liked. I thought I got some pictures of it but I guess I didn't. I can't believe I didn't take many pictures. Oh well. Now I know what I need to plan for next time we go!

  I'll be back next week for another blogpost! Bye!