Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October 2014

  Hello Everyone!

  Well, its the first week of November. So today I wanna talk a little bit about October.
  It mostly consisted of planning and going on vacation to Branson, babysitting multiple times, and secretly planning something really special with my Aunt Jean. Of course, there are no pictures of babysitting and probably never will be just to let you know.
  Before I go into any of that, I think on these monthly life updates I will post a monthly picture of Chloe. Can't help it. She's so cute!

Snoozing under my bed.

  From the 19th to the 23rd we were in Branson. Reason being we were celebrating Mom and Dad's 25th wedding anniversary, we had season passes to Silver Dollar City, and that is where they went for their honeymoon. Their anniversary was on the 21st so that night they got fancied up, went out for a nice dinner, and saw a show.
  We didn't stay in a hotel this time, instead we rented a condo. So we had two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room. In the bedroom Rebecca and I shared was a Nintendo 64! I was super excited about that. I hadn't played on one since I was 12 or 13 years old. So many fun memories. *sigh*
  Of course, we went to Silver Dollar City. When we went this time there were a lot of booths with cool things to look at and buy. I mostly looked. We went to a thrift shop, a couple boutique shops, and a couple antique shops. Bought some movies from the thrift shop, a micro-plush blanket (which I love!), some more movies and a book from the antique shops. The book we got was The Great Movie Stars the Golden Years by David Shipman. If you're the kind of person who likes to read movie star biographies from that era, this book gives a brief story/timeline about around 100 actors and actresses.
  The trip was fun although I didn't get to do or see all the things I hoped to. Oh well! Maybe next time if there is a next time.

Rebecca and me at Silver Dollar City

  So, the special, secret "thing" we (Aunt Jean, Rebecca, and I) planned all last month finally took place on November 1st. Now I would have mentioned this "thing" beforehand on here, but Dad reads my blogposts.

  We threw a surprise party for Mom and Dad! A lot of people showed up and we all had a great time! It was all well worth the time and effort that went into it!

We gave a picture of their wedding cake and the decorater
tried to make a replica of it. And she did a wonderful job!

  I know there aren't a lot of pictures, but Rebecca will probably do a more detailed blogpost. So I will leave that to her. Also the pictures didn't turn out as well as I had hoped.

This is my oldest sister Randi! Love you and so glad you were able to make it!

Happy 25th Anniversary! I hope your party blessed you. We love you!
  Well, that is all I have for today. I hope you all have a great week!