Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Life Update 4/1/14

   Hello Everyone!

   Today is just going to be a short little life update.
   Well, I made it all the way through March. I want to continue to remain dedicated to blogging weekly.
   Tonight, I will be going to see my Aunt Jean, Leona and her babies. I will try and take pictures. There has been colds and flu going around so we haven't been around too many people. It will be nice to visit tonight.
   On Saturday, I went to a horse show with some friends. I didn't bring my camera. (I'm still not used to taking pictures for the blog yet, but I will try to be doing that more). The horse show was show jumping. I was so much fun to watch. At points it got a little frightening. When you're calmly sitting there watching them jump and then you hear the loud sound of the horse's foot hitting against a pole and everyone tenses up. I've never been to a horse show, so it was a fun, great experience. I hope to go to more in the future, and next time bring my camera.
   Today, we went shopping! I don't know what it is about shopping, but it always boosts my mood. I always feel so happy when I'm done. It never fails. A lot of the clothes I have right now I've had for years, and I don't feel good in them anymore. I bought a couple skirts, t-shirts, and a hooded sweat-shirt.

Trying on a blue tee that I bought today.
   I've been enjoying the weather SO MUCH by the way! We've had some nice, warm days.
   Random note: feels like tomorrow is Sunday. I guess because we went shopping today. I don't know.
   Questions for this week are: What is your favorite day to go shopping? Have you ever been to a horse show? Let me know in the comments.
   Sorry this post was so short, but thanks for reading. I hope your day is going well!


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  1. Hi Annah! So glad you are feeling better! Shopping eh? Those are great looking clothes. Can't wait to see what you where to church on Sunday!
    Never been to a horse show. I have been to a dog race though. I bit different.
    Great pics. Thanks.


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