Thursday, October 6, 2011

In Illinois

   October first we went to Illinois to help a family build some of their house. Needless to say, we didn't get accomplished as we had hoped. But we did take pictures.

Looks like they were discussing what they were going to do.

They're were a lot of cuties there.

I don't remember his name.


Checkout that face!

Jedidiah (or Jed)
The Klein's arrived

The process begins.

Some of us stacked the planks

Some of us measured

And some of us cut. (But it wasn't me).
The men hard at work.

Ana, lying on the new floor.
We girls, after finishing the stacking.

After a while I took pictures of the children that were around.


Ana and Molly

These were the two best pictures of her that I got. She was constantly moving.



The rabbits

After lunch

Looking so innocent.
Josh, having fun on the tractor.

Notice somebody up there?



  1. I see faces I know. Who's house were you helping to build. I think I knwo these people are thery the Tiltins?

  2. Yes, Mrs. Tilton was there helping. His oldest daughter, Leah I think is her name, came after a while. Some of them were sick so he was the only one there.


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