Thursday, June 12, 2014

I'm Home!

  Hi Everyone!

  I'm home! I've actually been home for a week, but I just got back into the swing of things. Rebecca was just starting to not feel well the day we left Branson, and she was sick for the rest of the week. Then Mom was sick. Then Rachel's back has been hurting her so I was the only one left that was able to do things. But thankfully now, Mom and Rebecca are well and life feels back to normal. I liked going to Branson, but I'm so glad to be home. Feels good.
  You know with packing for a trip, the bedroom always ends up being a disaster, and this time I didn't end up cleaning it before I left. I don't know if all you people do that. But anyway! I got it all cleaned up the other day and it feels great!
  Cleaning my room is one of my favorite things to do when I'm at home. For me, its also a good stress reducer. It really calms me down when I'm feeling stressed.
  Had a fun time in Branson. I don't feel like I did all that much, but we still had fun. Went to Silver Dollar City. Duh! Dad and Rebecca went to the Titanic Museum. (Only they went because that was her birthday date with Dad). I had no idea how much there is in Branson! That place is packed with entertaining things to do and see. I didn't get to go to the places I was hoping we would, but we'll probably end up going again this year or next year. Then I'll get to do them. I think I got hardly any pictures of Silver Dollar City.
  While I was there, in one of the shops there is a booth that sells some stringed instruments. And boy did that only feed my want for another instrument. I still would like to get a mandolin, mountain dulcimer, and a ukulele.
  Also, I never did a birthday post for Rebecca. It was very laid back, but it was fun. We actually didn't do much planning except for the color theme. We did orange and white for dreamsicle. That is her favorite flavor and scent. That was different because we usually just do our favorite colors. I really liked the change. Yeah, so instead of planning everything out we just lived in the moment and let things fall together. I wouldn't have changed it, it was great just the way it was.
  Thankfully, everything is pretty much back to normal and hopefully blogging will be back to normal too. Sorry this is a couple days late, but at least I got this posted before next week.
  Talk to you later! I'll be back next week! BYE!


Rachel and me on Rebecca's birthday

   Happy birthday to one of the sweetest people I know. She is one of my biggest role models. She has helped me a lot in learning to not care what people think and to just be myself, loving and serving God, and showing love and care to the people around me. I love you, Rebecca! Happy birthday!
Rachel and me on our trip to see my oldest sister
 who lives about 4 hours away from us. 


  1. Hi Annah, I just wanted to say (and on behalf of my daughter too, who also reads) how much we both love your blog, and Rebecca's too! We are very glad to see you back to blogging (it is hard to keep up a regular schedule of posting, I know I don't do it often enough either)! The light of the Lord shines out of your words, you are both beautiful daughters of Christ and we really enjoy reading about your lives, thousands of miles away from where we live in the UK! I especially like to read how you and your sister ask the Lord God for guidance in the small things as well as the big ones, something I often forget to do. We must offer it all up to Him. I hope Rebecca, your mom and Rachel are all feeling better now. By the way your blog is very pretty, I especially like the font (and pink is my favourite colour)! Love, Ruby xx

    1. Hi Ruby!

      Thanks for commenting! Praise the Lord! I'm glad Rebecca and I can be an encouragement to people, even those who are thousands of miles away. That's one thing I love about blogging. Mom and Rebecca are feeling great now. Trying to get Rachel taken care of. Oh, and glad there is somebody else out there besides me who likes PINK!

      Love, Annah

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