Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Here in Indiana!

   They have internet access here in the hotel, so I can do a short blogpost without any pictures.
   To start this out, my mom just had a bad fall when we were just getting out of the car. She tripped on the curb and almost hit her head on a tree. Her hip and her side are hurting. That was quite a scare.
   Things having been going pretty good with the art class. The first day was a little disheartning, but the second day and today were good. I have enjoyed the past couple of days. We have two days left.
   I have taken hardly any pictures! There is not much to take pictures of, but I hope to take more later.
   We went to the Creation Museum on Sunday. That was awesome! I have quite a few pictures of that, but I have to wait till we get home to put pictures on here.
   Trying to figure out meals has been very interesting. With being here for so long, we don't want to go out to eat alot.
   Well, I better go now.



  1. Glad all is going okay...
    Oh-we will pray for your sweet Momma, give her a hug from me!

  2. I hope your mom will feel better soon! Hope all the rest will go well!

  3. im so glad that your mom wasn't hurt any worse.... and so thankful she is ok now and nothing broken... the class sounded so interesting and glad you had that opportunity...!!we sure missed you when you were gone.... you learned so much though im glad i got to see what you accomplished that week:)


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