Monday, March 14, 2011

Donald and Mom's Surprise Party

   Saturday evening, we had a surprise birthday party for Mom and my cousin Donald. Mom thought it was a party for Donald, and Donald thought it was a party for Mom. We were going to host it at our house, but we didn't tell Mom. So, for a long time she didn't know, but Dad told her that we decided to have at our house a couple hours before they came. Rebecca and I made a cake for them. We decided to make a plain cake. It was fun to do something simple for a change. Dad took Mom out to shop at some Amish stores, while we were at home decorating and cleaning. It was so much fun to plan, but we were glad when it was over.

(from left to right): Jeremy my cousin, Mom, Donald,
and Samantha (Donald's step-daughter)

Sweet Samantha

Samantha brought her new AG doll (in the middle),
so we brought ours out for her to play with.


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  1. what a great party!!!! love seeing what went on!!!


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